Bulk Adding is a time-efficient tool TO's utilize whenever their short on time and/or would like to maximize the time they have at hand. It allows you to manually register multiple Smash.gg Accounts / Player (Non-Registered) Accounts towards an event of your choosing.

Note: Bulk Add can only be used for singles events (Example: Smash Ultimate 1v1, Tekken 1v1, etc.)

To Access the Bulk Add page:

  1. Click on Settings to access your Admin Panel
  2. Scroll down and click on Bulk Add.

Bulk Adding Procedure

  • Paste or enter your list of attendees to add in the field, one attendee per line, and click Add Players. The Bulk Add tool can only handle so many attendees at a time.  If you have a large amount of attendees to add, break it up into smaller chunks of about 30.  Do not include prefixes in the bulk add, only gamertags (Example: Instead of C9 | Mango or Liquid | Hungrybox, you would only enter Mango and Hungrybox).

Note: It is recommended that you do not exceed over 50 entrant per bulk add!

  • Step two will attempt to match the gamertags to existing smash.gg accounts. Those without accounts will be marked as "Creating new player." It is important to make sure you are matching the correct user accounts to the actual person playing in the tournament. 
  • On the final step, choose which event(s) to add the attendees to.  You will also choose which phase to put them in and the seeding (either by ranking or order of input).  Bulk adding attendees to an event they are already in will not duplicate them.  You can also use Bulk Add to import your own custom seeding.  
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