• Clicking edit on a match will bring up the reporting modal. Quick Report will let you report Win, Loss, or DQ. It will also let you report the match score (3-0, 2-1, etc.). 
  • Here are your options when you open the Reporting Modal:
  • Clicking Start Match will start a timer on the match and mark it in progress. It also adds "Report game data" which allows for more detailed reporting. These details are not required, and you can always just report using the quick report as shown above. Game data is only available for specific games. If your game does not have detailed match reporting please let us know by contacting us!
  • The reporting modal allows you to assign matches to a station or stream. Clicking Any Station brings up a modal that lets you pick the station. Each station rows shows the number of unplayed matches at that station. Check this article for more information on stations. 
  • If you assign a set to a stream it will add that match to the Stream Queue.  See our guide on streams for more information. 


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