Creating a tournament on is a process designed to be as quick and easy as possible. You'll need to fill out a few basic details before you can access the rest of the settings.

In the Create New Tournament modal, you are prompted to fill out:

  • Tournament Name
  • Primary contact info
  • Start Date (and time)
  • End Date (and time)

If you're looking to copy settings from a previous tournament, this can be found under "Copy Tournament Settings". See this article for more information on copying settings! 


After hitting Create Tournament, you are brought to your new tournament and the Dashboard page. Click Tasks at the top, and you'll see a list of actions that you’ll need to complete to get your tournament going.

The Dashboard section in the top left will show you your remaining tasks.

If you see a number there, you can click this button and it will take you to the page that shows you all tasks you have left to complete before you can publish your tournament.

For more information on tasks, click here.

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