is the best platform to host online tournaments, from the smallest of online events to even those with tens of thousands of entrants. How do online events work on

On tournament day, attendees will access the tournament through the Manage Registration tab on the event page. Players will check-in once their match is called.

Once players join their game , they will be guided through the process of playing their set.

Here are the steps event participants will complete to play each match:

1. Players check-in to their match via task window

  • A player who does not check-in is automatically DQ’d after a specified amount of time (learn more about auto-DQ timers here)
  • In team events, the number of players required to Check-In is specified by the organizer

 2. Set up and join the match

  • Player/lobby information is shared so that players can create or join the match
  • Complete game specific tasks if they apply to your game, such as stage striking, bans, and character selection.
  • Players can communicate with each other using the built in chat
  • If issues arise with a match, players can call a moderator. Moderators have their own dashboard where they will be alerted to mod requests.

3. Report results

  • Both opponents confirm and verify results in the task window

Once match results are verified, the bracket auto-updates. Players who advance in bracket repeat the above process until they are eliminated from the tournament.

This format streamlines the tournament process for both players and organizers by minimizing the amount of work necessary to run the event and eliminating players' reliance on the organizer to find and play matches.

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