You can customize your seeding on the Pools and Seeding page of your tournament settings. Before you begin, make sure to assign each pool to a schedule.

Note: Moving pools into different waves will not affect the overall seeding.

Seeding your pools

  • Seed your pools by dragging and dropping players within or across pools:
  • You can also use the overall seed list on the right. Click on the arrows to slide the side panel out to be full screen:
  • Players above the green lines are projected to make it out of pools
  • Click in the Display box to add other player information including region, city/state, and rankings:
  • To the right of the Display box, toggle the seed numbers between overall seeding and individual pool seed. 
  • New players that have been added to the phase are placed at the bottom of the seeding list.  They have an indicator to prevent you from overlooking them when seeding:         
  • IMPORTANT: Remember to hit save in the upper right hand corner to save your changes.

Seeding your final bracket

  • The best way to adjust seeding on the final bracket is to use Edit Mode on the Brackets page. For more information, check out our article on rearranging brackets here.
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