Disabling / Enabling Team Names

Before managing & adding teams, you will need to decide on an important factor: Requiring Team Names for your event. This section can be found on the final step of your Event Creation cycle.

Note: Unfortunately, there isn't a way to add/edit the Team Name requirement once the event has been fully created. If a mistake like this was made, you will either need to delete the entire event + recreate it from scratch -or- contact a smash.gg support representative so that they can correct the event on their side!

2v2 - Team Names Disabled

If your event is 2v2 with team names turned off, it may be easier to use the Attendees List tab in the admin. You can pair teammates directly from the attendee modal.

It allows you to search for their partner as soon as you add them to the teams event. However, the search will only pull attendees that are also registered for that event. So make sure both players are registered before you attempt to pair them!

Teams & 2v2 (team names enabled)

Head over to the Team List in your tournament’s Admin to start.

The list of existing teams will appear here.

From this page you can do the following:

  • Create a new team by clicking the blue “Add Team” button in the top right corner

  • Delete an existing team by selecting a team and then clicking “Delete team.”

  • Rename a team by selecting a team and clicking “Change name.”

  • Edit team members:

  • Assign additional or new team captains by clicking the star next to each player’s name. Those with gold stars are considered team captains and can edit information about the team.

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