When a tournament is in test mode, it will not show up on the profiles of attendees, and attendees will not receive any email alerts for the tournament. Test mode tournaments can be publicly accessible, but they will not show up on the home page or in search results. You can toggle visibility from the Publishing page in your tournament settings.

If you want to submit a tournament just to familiarize yourself with the platform, let us know in the Additional Information section. When we approve your tournament, we'll put it into sandbox mode!

What is sandbox mode?

In sandbox mode, your tournament is permanently in test mode and cannot be toggled off on your end. This means you can try new things to your heart's content without the worry of disrupting potential users. If you'd like a tournament to be taken out of or put into sandbox mode, feel free to contact us.

Once you're ready to run a tournament, please submit one via our tournament submission form!

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