If you would like to include the smash.gg logo with your tournament branding, please read the guidelines before downloading our asset pack from this article. A download link is provided below.




  • Logos should only be displayed in gg-red, black, or white.

  • gg-red: PMS 1797 C (#cb333b)

  • Do not stretch, deconstruct, or move letters around within the logo.

  • Do not fill, stroke, or use gradients.

  • Do not manually combine Logomark and Logotype together, if desired please use the premade combined logo with the correct ratio sizing and spacing of the two logos.

  • Do not combine the logos with any other artwork.

Usage Guidelines

  • Avoid using terminology such as “sponsored”, “funded”, “backed”, or “subsidized” with regards to smash.gg (funds from donation shops should not considered with any of those terms).

  • Please use our provided Logotype in place of text of our name to ensure proper formatting and correct font.

  • Please use correct formatting of our name! All lower case and a period to separate “smash” from “gg”.

  • Please avoid “smashgg, Smash.GG, SMASH.gg” etc

  • “Smash.gg” may be used when starting a sentence. “smashgg” may be used when entering a period is not possible. 

  • Avoid placing assets relative to other imagery that may suggest sponsorships or connections with other brands.


The smash.gg logos may be used on event badges for tournaments that use both smash.gg registration and reporting features.  The smash.gg name and logos may not be used for any other merchandise or printed items without written approval.

Download this folder for our current assets.  Please contact [email protected] if you need any help with artwork or wish to discuss asset use.

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