How do I access my user profile?

  • Click on your icon in the bottom left, then click on your username. This will take you to your user profile.

What can I do on my user profile?

  • Update your icon and banner
  • Update your bio and preferred pronouns (currently only available on the user profile and entrant modal)
  • Hide/display connected accounts on your user profile
You can view the bio and pronouns in the user profile card, highlighted here.

How can I view another person's user profile?

Currently the only way to access someone's user profile is via a direct link or through the "Attendee Profile".

You can access the attendee profile through:

  • The public Attendee Table
  • The Standings table/page
  • As a tournament organizer, you can also access this using the admin attendee table.

What can be found on the user profile?


  • At a glance you can see upcoming events, recent results, leagues participated in, and tournaments organized


  • View a player/tournament organizer's schedule
  • Filter by role, videogame, and date of event


  • View the details and placement of any leagues a player has participated in


  • View a player's recent results
  • Filter results by: format (singles or teams), entrant count of the event, video game, location of the event, oldest to most recent event
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