For larger online tournaments you can create phases with different start times so that attendees can select which time is best for them to participate.

For Tournament Organizers:

Creating Phases:

When you are first given your tournament page, it will default to a single phase called "Bracket". You will need to change the name of this to "Phase 1" (or whatever you would like). To do so, click on the part that says “Bracket” and change the name in the dropdown and save your changes.

After that you will add all the phases that you need. Don’t forget to add the “Final Bracket” phase for them to progress into! For more information on setting up the brackets click here.

Don’t forget to add progressions from the phases into the final bracket! For info on how to set up progressions click here.

Setting Up Phase Selection:

Once all of the phases have been added, you need to set up registration so that people can choose which phase(s) they are going to enter. Under “Registration Settings” click on the event you are adding phase selection to.

Once you click on the event, a dropdown will appear where you can select the checkbox that says “Allow Phase Selection”. Here you’ll select the phases that people can choose to register for. Make sure not to select the final bracket!

Now when people sign up for your event they can pick which phase to enter!

Assigning Different Times for the Phases:

To help players make their phase selection, you will need each phase's start time to be displayed during registration. In order to do this you will create Waves set to different times, and then assign the waves to the different phases.

  1. Go to "Scheduling" on the admin dashboard.
  2. Create Waves for each phase, setting them to the date and time for each phase.
  3. Go to "Pools & Seeding".
  4. Click on the cog to the right of the pool(s) and select the wave for that phase.
  5. At the top of the page you can select which phase you are viewing. Go the next phase and select the wave.

For Players:

Players will be able to select which phase they want to enter during the registration process. Players can also edit their phase selection from the dashboard if needed.

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