When registering for a Hearthstone event, you may wonder how to set up your decks, classes, and more. We've got you covered. This guide will explain how to prepare for your Hearthstone event and make sure you're ready to play!

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Using Your "Player Dashboard" to Manage Your Decks

When registering for an event, you can manage your decks on your player dashboard. To do so, go to the tournament page, and then click on "Manage":

Once you've gone into the dashboard, change it from "Dashboard" to "Manage". Here is where you'll be adding your class/deck information:

In the image above, one deck has been added, but two additional decks remain. Three decks were set due to the organizer giving a specific "Class" count. Meaning, they set the number of decks to three. If you don't have three added, you'll be disqualified once the deck management deadline passes.

Adding a Deck, Selecting a Class, and Adding Cards

When adding a deck, click on the (+) square to begin the process. When clicked on, this popup will appear:

Here, you'll need to select your class and hit "Continue". Once done, you'll be prompted to add your cards:

Bulk Add

Bulk adding is done via Hearthstone's new Deck Export feature.

Individual Card

When adding cards individually, you may use the search bar to find your deck. Our system has all current cards, and adding them is as easy as searching and selecting your card! In the above example, "Young Dragonhawk" was searched and selected, so it shows 1 available. If you have multiple of a card, repeat the process and it will add an additional one. If you attempt to add more than one "Legendary", our system will prompt you on being unable to add it.

When all 30 of your cards are added, hit "Save Deck". If you'd like to add, edit, or delete your deck, you can do so at any time up until the Deck Deadline (if one is in place).

Playing In the Tournament (Tournament Tasks)

When playing in an online Hearthstone tournament on smash.gg, it will be largely the same as a regular online event on our platform. If you'd like to know more about the process, click here.

The differences between a typical event and a Hearthstone event is that you'll be selecting/banning your opponent's decks before playing. If a ban is in process, you will be prompted to ban one deck:

Once banned (in this case "Mage" was banned), you will select your deck and then "Submit":

When both players have submitted, the game will begin. The rest of the format will play out to the rules of Conquest or Last Man Standing (whichever the event may be). Result reporting and verification are the same as other smash.gg online tournament formats.

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If you're curious about setting up your own Hearthstone event on our website, click here.

For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to email us at hello@smash.gg.

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