We've made it easier than ever to set up a Hearthstone event on smash.gg! Added functionality and newly supported Conquest and Last Hero Standing formats are now available when creating your event.

Class and Deck Visibility

When an event is set up, the classes and decks can be publicly visible when looking at the bracket page. This can be toggled on or off at the organizer's request. In order to do so, go into the Tournament Admin, and click on "Events", edit your Hearthstone event, and then check or uncheck "Publish Decks". 

Here, if you un-check "Publish Decks", they will no longer be visible publicly. It should be noted however, that in order to use this feature, "Deck Deadline" must be set!

Creating Your Event

You submit your event normally through Tournament Submissions, or you can add the event to your tournament via Event Creation.

After selecting "Hearthstone" as your game (and picking if you'd like for it to be Mobile or PC), then select which format you'd like to use:

Once you've selected your format, a multitude of different options will appear before you:

These options are set to make running your Hearthstone event smoother. With each section, you're able to set the following options:

  • Make the event online or offline. This gives you the ability to choose between hosting an event online or offline.
  • Give a "Class Count". This allows you to set how many classes are playable during one tournament. In the above photo, if 3 are selected, a player can upload a total of 3 days.
  • Deck Upload Method. This is done via user input. A player may add each of their cards individually via our website, but we also have the ability to bulk add, which takes advantage of Hearthstone's new Deck Export feature (link). 
  • Include Ban Step. When selecting "Yes", you will give players the ability to blind ban a class/deck. If you select "No", there will be no blind ban. 
  • Deck Submission Deadline. Submitting a deadline to submit a deck is optional. However, when set, it means those players who have not fully submitted a deck by a set date will be disqualified.
    Note: Your deck submission deadline must be before the tournament's registration deadline.

If you need to edit the Deck Deadline Behavior at any point, you can do this by going to Events and clicking Edit on the event.

If you need to edit the Deck Deadline, you can go to Events, click Edit on your event, and switch to the Deadlines tab.

If you'd like to learn more about how to manage your decks as an attendee of a Hearthstone event, click here.

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to email us at hello@smash.gg.

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