When registering for your tournament, attendees will pay the venue fee and choose which events to register and pay for. Additionally, you can create other custom registration fields which will be listed below Events. These can be required or optional and can be anything from asking for volunteers to bring setups, to selling merchandise.

Please check out this article to view some examples.

Add custom registration fields on the Registration Settings page. Click Add custom field and set a name, description, and whether or not this field will be required. There are four types of custom field:

  • Checkbox - a simple checkbox that will give attendees one option. If required the checkbox will be checked and cannot be changed. It will look like this when registering:
  • Text - will allow attendees to type their response. It will look like this when registering: 
  • Number - accepts a number from attendees. If you make this a required field it will not accept an input of 0. It will look like this when registering:
  • Multiple Choice - Attendees may choose one of the several options given. If there are four choices or more this will appear as a drop down menu. It will look like this when registering:

Where do I see the responses to these questions?

To view the responses, use the export button located in the top right corner of the Attendees List page. If you need to delete a custom field, the responses from that field will remain on the export.

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