Restricting game access by venue pass

You may want to restrict access to specific games or events based on the type of venue pass people select. This works for both "Competitor" and "Spectator" venue passes.

To add these restrictions to venue passes:

  1. Go to your tournament's Admin tab.
  2. Click on the section labeled Settings under the Registration header of the admin menu.
  3. In the section labeled Registration Fields click on the event (ex. Melee Singles) you want to add venue pass based restrictions to.
  4. Click "Show Advanced Settings". Toggle the box next to Venue Pass Restrictions.
  5. A field will appear next to Venue Pass Restrictions, titled Choose venue pass(es). Enter the name of the venue passes that will permit registration to this event and select them from the dropdown after you enter them. Make sure you save after these changes have been made.


Only "Melee competitor pass" allows entrance to Melee Singles.

In this example, we assume you have set up a competitor venue pass called "Melee competitor pass." To enter Melee Singles at this event, you would need to purchase the Melee competitor pass as opposed to other available venue passes (the Rocket League competitor pass and Spectator pass).

Below on the left, you will see how this example would look like in the admin panel. On the right, you can see how it is reflected in registration.

The person registering selected "Melee competitor pass" and is able to register for Melee Singles, but cannot register for Rocket League 3v3 because a separate restriction has been placed on that event, requiring the "Rocket League competitor pass" in this example. Spectator passes can also be configured to allow registration into specific events without purchasing a competitor pass.

Viewing the purchased passes

You can view individual attendees's venue pass type by using the export button on the Attendees page.

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