You can set up discount codes for players to use to get discounted registration!

In Payment Setup under Payments, you can create your own code. The codes are case insensitive.

You can determine whether this discount is a fixed amount or percentage off the total. These discounts are applied before the processing fee (if you've set one up for using Stripe or PayPal).

We do not allow overlapping of codes, so it's okay to have multiple codes for different reasons!

You can limit the number of uses. For example, you can:

  • Give out a "free registration code" and limiting it to one use to giveaway a registration. 
  • Tweet out a code and the first 10 people can use it if you set the limit to 10
  • Set the limit to 0 to give no limit to how many times the discount can be used, and keep track of how many times a code is used on the settings page
  • Specify a single Player using the code

If you believe someone is abusing the code and giving it out to others, you can limit it to the number of times it's been used to stop the code from working. Discounts cannot be deleted.

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