Things to Do and Publishing have now been moved to one tab in your tournament settings, the Dashboard.  

The Dashboard has 3 tabs: Overview, Tasks, and Requests. Before you can show your tournament to the world, you'll need to complete the required actions on the Tasks tab. You can then go to the Overview tab to publish each section of your tournament. Lastly, the Requests tab is where you can view players who have been invited to your tournament and whether or not they've accepted the invite.


In order to get your tournament in the perfect shape prior to publishing it, we've laid out a few tasks you'll need to complete. 

First, you'll need to add an event to your tournament so that attendees have something to enter! Clicking the Create Event button will take you to the event creation page. Follow the steps listed here to finish setting up your event.

Only one event is required, but if you'd like to add more, you can do so from the Events tab.

• Next, you'll need to add a registration end date. This will be the absolute last day that people can register for your tournament. 

Clicking the Add Date button will take you to the Details page, where you'll be able to set the end date at the very top.

**As a note, you can change this date at any time.

• Last up are the tasks to add a profile image/banner and customize your homepage. A tournament with cool graphics and an interesting layout is sure to wow potential attendees and entice more people to enter. It's also important to include details here about the tournament that attendees will need to know.

Clicking the Edit Details button will take you to your public homepage, where you can edit many settings like the text that appears here, the order of the different sections, background colors for the sections, etc. 

To learn more about adjusting these settings, check out our articles on customizing your tournament home page and customizing your widgets.

Clicking the Upload Images button will take you to the Details page where you can add a profile image and/or a banner.

If you dismiss any tasks, you can bring them back up later by clicking Restore!

Overview and Publishing

The Overview tab provides some neat at-a-glance stats for your tournament, but more importantly it's the new spot for publishing registration, events, and the tournament page itself. 

Clicking the button that says Publish will bring up a window that allows you to change the visibility of that section to Public, or back to Admins Only if it's set to Public. Each section controls something different:

Homepage - Controls the visibility of the overall tournament page for anyone who isn't an admin.

After making this Public, you'll have two options:
Link Only, which makes it so only people with the link can view the tournament
Discoverable, which means your tournament will show in search results

Events - Controls visibility of events on the tournament home page. 

• If set to Admins Only, no events will be visible.

•If set to Public, you can toggle the visibility of individual events.

In the Events section, you also have the ability to choose whether non-admins can see brackets & seeding, just seeding, or events only (no brackets and/or seeding). 

Registration - Controls whether people can see the Register button on the tournament home page prior to the registration end date. If set to Admins Only, people won't be able to register.

**As a note, you must make the Details section public before you can make this section public.

Attendees - Controls whether the list of registered attendees is visible on the tournament home page.


The requests tab shows the status of invitations sent to players who have been manually added to your tournament, along with important information such as who added them, when they were added, what events they were added to, and whether they've accepted the invite.

For more information on attendee requests, click here.


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